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Alpine cabinet

Alpine 10x10 $2280

arctic white kitchen cabinets

Arctic 10x10 $1831

aruba cabinet

Aruba 10x10 $2280

Ashland cabinet

Ashland 10x10 $2280

barnwood cabinet

Barnwood Shaker 10x10 $1883

birmingham cabinet

Birmingham 10x10 $1901

brown shaker cabinet

Brown shaker 10x10 $2280

cambridge cabinet

Cambridge $1901

chadwick cabinet

Chadwick 10x10 $2280

Chatham cabinet

Chatham Oak 10x10 $1496

cinnamon kitchen

Cinnamon L-2 $1286

coffee maple rta kitchen

Coffee 10x10 $1883

cream cabinet doors

Cream 10x10 $1883

dark caramel kitchen

DarkCaramel $2054

white shaker kitche

Daytona $1816

denver kitchen

Denver $2054

ebony cabinet

Ebony 10x10 $2280

edinburgh cabinet

Edinburgh 10x10 $1991

elite cabinet

Elite 10x10 $1883

Engtlish Oak cabinet

English Oak 10x10 $1370

flat panel white cabinet

FlatPanelWhite $1883

Grey Painted

Greige 10x10 $2280

grey shaker kitchen cabinet

Grey Shaker $2054

hatteras cabinet

Hatteras 10x10 $2304

heidelberg cabinet

Heidelberg 10x10 $1991

ivory kitchen

Ivory $2054

key west cabinet

Key West 10x10 $2280

Kingston cabinet

Kingston 10x10 $1991

midtown kitchen cabinets

FP Grey $2109

new york glaze kitchen

NewYorkGlaze $1714

nova kitchen cabinets

Frost Grey $2109

onyx kitchen cabinets

Onyx 10x10 $1831

Oxford cabinet

Oxford 10x10 $1991

pecan kitchen

Pecan $1782

port cabinets-straight run set

Port $1499

raised panel white cabinet

RaisedPnlWhite $1883

randolph walnut cabinet

Randolph 10x10 $1983

shiloh shaker cabinets

Shiloh 10x10 $1756

signature cabinets kitchen

Signature 10x10 $1883

stratford cabinet

Stratford 10x10 $2280

Valley Espresso cabinet

Valley Espresso 10x10 $1533

Valley Cherry cabinet

Valley Cherry 10x10 $1533

valley cinnamon cabinet

Valley Cinnamon 10x10 $1533

valley white cabinets

Valley White 10x10 $1831


These 10x10 Prices are for general comparisons only. These prices are raw cost plus averaged freight factors and do not reflect trim packages, hardware, taxes and other fees. The delivered price for your customized parts list depends on many factors and should be more accurate when using the shopping cart check out procedures. A minimum purchase is required for free freight(typically $2000). Residents of Western States may see supplemental freight charges. The 10x10 layout uses the following parts list: W3612 + W0930 + W3012 + W3030 + W2430 + W2130 + B33 + SB36 + Bf3 + WF3x2 + BBC42 + B09 (13pieces total). Please note appliances and window/sinkbase locations. Again, the layout is for comparison and will probably not fit your space without modifications to the parts list.

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standard 10x10 kitchen cabinet layout for cost comparison