Basic Cabinet Specs



This is a general description of common modular kitchen cabinetry and is not meant to represent any specific line. Please note that few cabinet lines will offer every possible combination of parts as described below.

Base Cabinets
are typically 34 1/2" tall, 24" deep and 9" to 48" wide (widths run in 3" increments) .... face frame is 30" high plus a 4 1/2" toe kick indentation

Standard Wall Cabinets are 30" tall but may also be available in 36" and 42" high. Usually 12" deep and again,  widths in 3" increments from 9" to 48"

Base Corner


Wall Corner

End Cabs

Tall Cabs - Wall Pantry   Oven 

Wall Bridge Cabinets are used to span the areas over appliances ... usually 12" to 24" tall and 30 to 39" wide .... some lines offer 24" deep bridge cabs for use over the refrig. 


Specialty Items