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RTA Cabinet Shipping-Receiving-Returns Policies and Procedures 2-21-08


Shipping Your Order:


A normal cabinet order is methodically processed using tried and proven systems....typically; your parts list will be collected from different bin locations in the warehouse and sent to a central "stage" area. Each part is re-verified as it’s stacked onto a pallet(s). The load is strapped down and shrink wrapped onto the pallet to prevent shifting during transport. The pallet is then loaded (by forklift) onto a Commercial Carriers truck. Please let us know if (during delivery) you notice other freight placed on top of your order or if  the shrink wrap has been opened....We pay extra fees to the truck lines to handle our orders a certain way.

FREIGHT CHARGES: Freight charges are quite difficult to estimate because of all the different factors involved....your distance from the shipping facility, weight and configuration of your order, ease of access to your location, etc.  Average kitchen deliveries (single pallet) (600lb) (East of the Mississippi ) can range from twenty five to seventy five cents per pound. Orders going further west run closer to a dollar per pound!  Our typical order form will include any applicable freight charges. ... Shipping is limited to the lower 48 states.


Receiving Your Order:


This may be the single most important part of your transaction. You or your representative must be present to receive and inspect the order. The truck driver will ask you to sign his "bill" ... This is a legal document and should be treated as such.  The standard curbside delivery means the truck driver will move your load to the tail of the trailer. The driver is not required to help you unload. Upon delivery, check your paper work (order form) against the actual shipment to insure you are getting all of the correct parts you ordered. Inspect each box to verify there are no signs of damage. If you find any visible damage, please make a note of this on the drivers bill. (Before you sign for receipt of shipment) Don't hesitate to remove protective covering to expose any questionable area. Examine each box as it comes off the truck. Please also be aware of each item..... In short, just make sure all of your parts are present and there is no visible damage BEFORE you sign for the delivery. You are not expected to open each box and inspect each part. If you have any problems during delivery, please don’t hesitate calling us.

Shipping Damage must be noted on the Shippers Bill. Digital pictures are required to expedite any damage claims

Shortages must be noted on the Shippers Bill.

In the event you receive a damaged item or are missing a part, please follow these steps.
1. Should you find a damaged cabinet during the receiving process, this must be noted on the shipper’s bill before you sign for the shipment.
2. Notify us immediately of any shipping or damage problem.
3. If there was damage during shipping or a missing piece, then a freight claim must be filed. We will handle this. It is in both of our best interests to file this claim without delay.
4. Determine the extent of damage. If a cabinet only has a bent hinge or missing screw, etc. then a new repair part can be sent out. If the cabinet box is damaged, you may need a complete new cabinet for

replacement. Small items such as a hinge can be sent out quickly, without us needing the old part back.
Note: damage is relatively rare.

Any Concealed Damage must be reported within 5 days of delivery. 


Returning a cabinet:


To avoid having a problem where you would need to return an item, we go to great lengths to make sure we have your order correct before shipping it. We ask that you double check your measurements to be sure they are correct. Review your parts list and verify that all necessary items have been listed prior to order confirmation. All the exact specifications for our cabinetry are listed our website so that nothing gets misrepresented. We will send you an itemized list of the cabinetry we are shipping for you so you can review to be sure everything is correct and that every cabinet will fit. We are not responsible for your measurements or design layout. We can only assure that the individual cabinet measurements are correct. We try to work closely with you up front to be sure we have everything correct before we even accept an order. This generally insures no problem later. In the event we should error, and a cabinet is not as specified on your itemized list, then we will quickly correct the situation. In short, anything that is our fault we will replace for free, anything that is your fault will have to be reordered at regular price. Depending on the problem, we may be able to modify an incorrectly ordered cabinet for you. We are always ready to help you figure the best way to resolve a problem, should you find something is not fitting correctly. We rarely have a problem with either of these issues because of the time spent up front getting everything right to start with. RA Numbers - If for any reason you are returning an item to us, you must first get an RA (Return Authorization) number from us. (Unopened boxes ONLY) We will not accept return delivery on any items that do not have an RA number. There can be a restocking fee - up to 25% of the invoiced amount and no amount of the freight will be refunded. If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering. We have one Distributor that does not accept returns. This is clearly stated on individual advertising and related order forms.  Again, under certain circumstances we may be able to accept returns....unopened box only....return authorization....possible restocking fee....customer is responsible for all freight charges. 

We hope you understand and agree with our Returns Policy and look forward to serving you.



Limited Warranty:


Alert Data, Inc. (ADI Supply) (warrantor) warrants to the original consumer purchaser

only that all products manufactured or supplied by warrantor will be free from defects in

material and workmanship under normal use and service for the period of one (1) year

from the date of purchase for all warranted products. (Proof of Purchase is required.) This

warranty does not cover damage resulting from normal wear, accident, misuse or lack of

reasonable and necessary maintenance and service; nor does it warranty the improper

installation or unauthorized repair, alteration, or modification or defects in the unit when

the product is installed.


In the event of a warranted product defect, please call or write Alert Data, Inc.(ADI

Cabinets) with a description of the defect. It is Alert Data, Inc's (ADI Cabinets) option to

provide repair parts or replace with a functionally equivalent product. Proof of purchase

and the return of product may be required for replacements. Such replacement parts shall

be at warrantor's expense, but you shall bear all other expenses, including, but not limited

to, cost of removal, transportation, re- installation, communication and any special

service requested by you, such as, overtime labor, etc. Repaired or replaced items carry

only the unexpired portion of the original warranty. This warranty may give you specific

legal rights, and you may or may not have other rights, which vary from state to state.

This warranty is effective on products sold after January, 2005.










OF ALL OTHERS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. For customers living in those states

which do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or

limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, consider this product to be without any

warranty what so ever, neither expressed or implied. In short, We guarantee the materials

are what we say they are. We do not guarantee that the Elvis Collectors Plate will not get

broken and we do not guarantee that you will not smash your thumb while using these

materials. Our warranty is backed by our personal integrity, business ethics, and most of

all by common sense.


Wood Characteristics:  We. take great care to provide our customers with quality

products. however, due to the nature of wood and wood products, our cabinets may

contain naturally occurring characteristics within the wood or finish. Wood Cabinets can

be expected to vary in color, grain pattern and texture. Environmental factors such as

light, humidity, etc. may also affect wood cabinets and finishes over time. Pitch

pockets/marks and closed knotholes are accepted wood traits  These are inherent

characteristics of a natural product and are beyond our control. These characteristics are

not considered defective for warranty consideration..


INDEMNITY: Alert Data, Inc (ADI Cabinets) shall not be liable for either its failure to

perform or its delays in performance hereunder arising out of or resulting from causes

beyond its control, including but not limited to, acts of God, acts of Representatives, acts

of Government, wars, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine, strike, freight embargoes,

weather or default by suppliers.


Care and Cleaning: With proper care, Our Cabinets should maintain their beauty for years

to come. Alert Data, Inc. recommends cleaning cabinets with mild soap and water, and

using a high grade furniture polish to maintain the wood's beauty. Please do not clean any

cabinets using any abrasive or caustic products as this may damage the factory finish.



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