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Flagstaff Maple Assembly Pics

Standard 15" Base

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You should ID all the parts before starting

Face frame goes face down on soft surface (to protect from scratches) 

Side panels snap into face frame

insert locking screw into all metal "L" brackets after they have been snapped into place.

slide floor panel into side panel grooves


snap in  and lock back panel 




set shelf clips and shelf

drawer box is screwed together. Drawer head is pre attached.

the drawer box floor is left "floating" inside the wood perimeter

insert and screw in the drawer guide back brackets (see pre drilled holes in back panel) 

Use only a single screw in the back bracket horizontal slot.  Leave slightly loose for later adjustment

use beveled head screws to attach front of drawer guide to face frame (see pre drilled holes)

insert drawer box

with drawer fully closed, use a pencil to mark the precise location of the back guide bracket against the back cabinet panel. Remove drawer box and tighten/add screws to firmly fix back bracket.

screw on counter top brackets

insert quiet pads 

(HINT: the rubber bumper pads go in easily if you wet them)

Doors are pre hung on face frames - flagstaff drawer box shipped unassembled - base cabinets should take about 15 minutes to assemble, wall cabinets go a little quicker.

Questions? call GRANGER DAVIS


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