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SYDNEY Assembly Pics

Standard 12" Base


Cabinets arrive in a RTA "FLAT-PACK" 

start by removing all the parts from the shipping box. note: you can use the cardboard box as a scratch resistant work surface to protect both your floor and the cabinet parts. familiarize yourself with the different components

insert cam lock posts (x7) and wooden dowel pins (x2) into the pre drilled holes on each side panel


attach the floor panel and drawer support brackets and lock into place using cam lock lugs. Attach second side panel using same locking procedure.

roll cabinet to the face down position and insert back panel.

the longer screws are used to secure the back panel .... use the 7 pre drilled holes

attach the cup hinges to the door using the shorter screws

roll cabinet back onto its side to attach door hinges to side panel ... this is where you will determine a left or right hand door swing .... you will find tiny pin holes in each side panel to indicate exact hinge position.

Drawer box assembly.... The dovetail joints should "snap" together. You may need to tap the joints with a hammer to get them flush and tight. Its not required but, I prefer to use a little wood glue on the joints. Note how the drawer floor panel slides into the dado grooves. Insert the floor panel before attaching the drawer head.

Attach the Drawer Hardware.... 

again you will find tiny pin holes in the side panels that give you the exact position. Use the shorter screws to attach the drawer guides.
Attach the drawer box to the drawer guides. Note how the metal hooks slide into the predrilled holes in the back side of the drawer box and the metal pins will snap into the pre drilled holes in the bottom edge of the drawer box.

attach the "stick on" bumper pads.   4 on the drawer and 2 on the door.

shelf supports are the 4  metal "spoons" and fit snuggly into the pre drilled holes in the side panels.

You will also find several "L" brackets in your cabinet parts bag. these can be used as rear counter top attachment and or toe board attachment (as needed)




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